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Lining fabrics represent an important element of our collections and for this reason we dedicate a large part of our studies and research to them in order to always keep up with the trends not only for designs and colors but also for the materials used.

Our collection of linings is created to satisfy any need, from plain or printed lightweight micrell fabrics, to devorè prints on pure silk, from plain or already jacquard acetate satins, up to 100% silk fabrics. For special needs we can produce exclusive collections of linings for both printed and jacquard fabrics. Duetto: waterproofed outdoor fabrics. The "Duetto" line includes all the fabrics used as exteriors in the fur sector.

They can be used for making special "reversible" garments or as exclusive fabrics for outdoor use. All the fabrics in the "Duetto" line are waterproofed, they can be quilted, in wool or acetates, in micrell or silk. For the "Duetto" line, as for the covers, we can produce exclusive collections for particular needs.

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